Linux 4.11 or 4.10 on Leap 42.3


Is it possible to install kernel 4.11 or 4.10 on Leap 42.3?
4.4 works very bad on my machine, the newest whcih can be installed wit HEAD repository 4.13 has a serious error with my graphics card.
I know that 4.10 and 4.11 are the best for my laptop.
I searched much but I did not find what can be done.
Is there any archive or repository to install such these kernels?

I personally use Kernel’s from this repository (kernel-default)

with great success.

Once you find a version that works for you, lock it.


Thanks for a hint.
I’ve found this repo earlier but I thought that there is available only the mentioned there kernel.
I see only 4.13 there. This repo contains other kernels than 4.13, too?

No, sorry to confirm that repo only contains the last “stable” version.

the 4.12 kernel too?
otherwise i’f you don’t mind leap 42.3 upgrade to tumbleweed, it’s still on 4.12.x

A 4.11 kernel for Leap 42.3 is still available here: Install package home:frispete:Kernel-base / kernel-default
But being a package built by a user like me and you, it might include specific configurations or features that your system might like or not, so be careful and be prepared to boot your old 4.4.x in case of trouble.


This kernel 4.11 prepared by some user can be trusted regarding security?
Unfortunately 4.12 neither works good, has the same problem with a graphics driver.

Nobody can “guarantee” a user kernel (except that user maybe), and please be aware that nobody is still maintaining 4.11 kernels so you are not going to receive security fixes/backports anyway.
Maybe if you let us know what your HW is and what problems you are experiencing somebody may help you fix your system with one of the current kernels.