Linphone with voipbuster, anyone got it working?

I have set up my voipbuster account in linphone, linphone shows it’s connected but when making a call it stays forever trying to call and no sound at all.
any thoughts?

the symptoms you describe are caused by the VoIP protocol blocked or not supported.

A quick check looks like Linphone is still implementing SIP.

You should know that SIP is a special, difficult protocol with special requirements.

  • You cannot be behind a NAT device unless a SIP Proxy is deployed on the NAT device (or an alternative path is allowed for the SIP protocol)
  • You must open all required ports for SIP. SIP itself is only an underlying layer providing Location, Directory and Authentication services. Piggybacking on the SIP layer is a multimedia layer that provides voice and possibly video.

If your situation satisfies the above requirements, then we can discuss further…