Linphone not seeing my webcam

I’m trying to set up Linphone as a Skype alternative but for some reason it won’t see my webcam. I suspect that this may be a video codec issue as I think Linphone uses H264 which is not opensource. I tried to install the version off Packman (version 3.4.3) but it wants to uninstall Kopete which I don’t want as I use it for my IM client.

Is there a way around this? I already have libx265-116 installed.

EDIT: Forgot to say this is on my Thinkpad laptop running oS11.4 and KDE 4.7.1

I think you meant libx264-116 from Packman.
I have fom Packman: liblinphone4, linphone and linphone-applet; all version
Does wxcam (also Packman) work for you?
I think the other important stuff included gstreamer-0_10-ffmpeg , and mjpegtools-libs

Thanks for replying. Yes libx265-116 was from packman. I didn’t have liblinphone4 or linephone-applet installed though. Trying to update linphone from oS repos to packman’s version 3.4.3 didn’t ask for those to be installed as dependencies. I’ve now installed them and they pulled in linphone 3.4.3 from packman too. It’s all working now.

Well it seems I spoke too soon. I just noticed after loggin out and back in that Kopete was removed when linphone got updated.

I decided to start again so I removed linphone, liblinphone4 and linphone-applet completely. Then proceeded to install Kopete again. It seems Kopete and liphone are joined at the hip because kopete wants to pull in linphone 3.3.2 so I let it proceed.

It seems there is a dependency conflict between kopete and linphone 3.4.3 with

@eng-int, do you have both linphone 3.4.3 (from packman) and kopete installed?

Any ideas anyone?

Just an update. I found this which pretty much answers my question [opensuse-factory] Tumbleweed - Packman package conflict - kopete, linphone, libmediastreamer - Need To Update Factory Packages?](

There was no response so I assume nothing is being done about it for the moment. Would it help if I built Kopete from source so is not bundled?