Linksys WRT150N connection problems.

I am a little new to Linux, so im sorry if this is a very novice question.

I own a WRT150N Wireless Router and I am planning to install OpenSUSE over my XP. My router connects to … three people, so i’m very cautious about what i do to interfere with there connections…

Awhile ago, i tried installing Ubuntu. I did successfully, yet my internet would not connect. I did many things to get this working…i even used some sort of code…i had no idea what i was doing.

How can i get this connection working? Im going to be installing OpenSUSE tomorrow, and i’d love to hear some sort of way out of this problem. Thank you…

There can be a problem connecting to a particular wireless router, but
that is usually with an old model from an obscure manufacturer. Yours
is not subject to either of those problems.

The main question is what kind of wireless interface do you have. It
may (1) work out of the box, (2) fail because the necessary firmware
cannot be distributed with openSUSE, or (3) fail because your hardware
does not have a Linux driver.

Once you get openSUSE installed, go to the stickies at the beginning
of this forum and learn how to report your hardware.


Ah…well there’s my first problem. Apologies, Larry…i guess i was in such of a hurry i didn’t read the rules, heh…

When i install it, i will follow your steps and post back in here.