Linksys Switch

Cannot connect to the network or internet via a Linksys SD2008 switch using either openSuSe 11.0 or Ubuntu 8.04. I used to be able to connect with the older versions.

Windows computers connect fine and one linux box that won’t connect, connects fine when running WinXP (same Linksys NIC card).

Any ideas on how toget this to work would be greatly appreciated.

Also, does anyone have any recommendations on a good quality 8 port or greater switch which will work with these newer linux OSes? The $100 variety of D-Link & Netgear switches seem to die within 1 -2 years, frequently.

I’m surprised that you cannot connect since this is just an unmanaged 8-port 10/100/1000 switch according to a search. What happens if you ping other computers on the LAN (with the firewalls permitting of course)? What happens if you set up Samba and try to browse shares with a Windows machine? Do you actually mean you cannot get to the Internet via the gateway? That would be be a gateway issue, not a switch issue.

To be a little more direct, there’s no way that the switch is inhibiting linux traffic. By the time it hits the switch, it doesn’t care. It would be like complaining that a powerbar only works with HP systems and not Dell.

The problem is with your gateway or config. It’s not the switch.

Hope this helps…