Links to Novell Login page broken

I guess someone may already know, but I’ll post anyway…

Links at the top of the standard Forums theme are broken, they don’t point to the login page, they point to the “667” link that is somehow supposed to return the User to the original page before the login page. This applies to all child forum pages to the very top level forum (

The only reason why I’m able to login is because I can sorta figure out how this all works and searched my History for the proper page.


What page are you referring to? I can login normally, as always.

delete all and cookies, and try again…

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I just logged in that way. I didn’t have any problem.

I seem to recall that if I middle-click on the login link, then I run into some errors after login, though I am still logged in.

Perhaps you are going directly to the login link and having problems. I am going directly to the main forum page and clicking the login link there. I am not having any problem that way.