Is it possible to link text docs .txt so that they open with pluma instead of gedit? As in T-bird opens firefox links.

By right-clicking on a .txt file and selecting “File properties” you should be able to access a tab or button named “Open with…” or “File options” or similar depending on the Desktop you are using. There you can select which application is chosen as default to open that type of file.

Remind that it is not realy about “that type of file”. It is about files with a file name that end with the characters


(often called a “suffix” in Unix/Linux documentation, not an “extension”, as that is a property of files on Windows file systems).

You can give any name to any file and thus let a file name end in any suffix (or none) you like. Thus there is no guantee that a contents of a file are of a type that the suffix suggest.

Thanks Henk, that’s correct of course. So, taking Gnome as an example:

Right-click on a file of type “plain text document” (or “Secondary-button click” if you are left-handed)
> Properties
> select “Open With” tab
> select “pluma” (or whatever you like)
> click “Set as default”

Similar options are available for the other major DEs AFAIK.