Link To Folders?

I’m using SuSe 11 with Kde4. How can I make a link to a folder as there doesn’t seem to be any allowance for this.
I’m used to ubuntu but thought I’d give SuSe a try, it seems pretty good but I really need to make links to folders.
It only seems to let you make .desktop files which isn’t what I need.

Normally you left click and hold while moving the folder over the location to which you want to make a link. When you release, you should then be offered the choice: Move Copy Link (unless there are folder ownership issues).

All that seems to do is move the folder into the one I want a link to, whether I choose the link option or not, so I assume it must be a permission issue, but I don’t know the group I have to be a member of.
I’ve been trying to find an explanation of the group names presented in Yast and have had no luck, is there a list anywhere of what they actually mean?
I worked out some of the names meanings like lp, audio, messagebus, etc… but some of them are a mystery.

Does it actually move the source folder? Normally there is a small arrow in the bottom left hand corner of a linked folder indicating that it is a linked folder. The source remains where it is.

If the source folder has disappeared, then this is a bug. If there is nothing to indicate it is a linked folder (you can right click and open Properties to check) and the source folder is still there, you have a copied folder - a different bug.

No arrow appears, all I get is a grayed copy of the folder inside the folder I want to link to.
The ‘Link Here Ctrl+Shift’ option has a question mark Icon to the left of it, but ‘move’ and ‘copy’ options have the usual icons, which makes me think there must be something amiss.

I’ve found I can now do it, but only with the console command ‘ln -s’ but no arrow sign still appears on the folder icon.