Link: "Is the Linux Dream a Myth?"

But here’s the rub… is there anyone who’s exclusively using [Linux]? I don’t mean “I’ve got Linux installed on my USB stick” or “I dual boot”. Is there anyone who is actually using Linux as there sole operating system. Booting into everyday to check their email, write their documents, develop their code, surf the web and yes… play their games. I fear there is not.

The Naked Coder: RANT: Is the Linux dream a myth?

This fellow needs to get out a bit more. If you care to, maybe some members could comment (on this blog post) on their “Linux Dream” experiences. So far quite a few folks have made their points, maybe a few reps from the openSUSE “fantasy world” could make their case?

I for one only have linux machines in my house.

I have a laptop running opensuse., a desktop running pclos still( that may change), a laptop running mandriva 2010, a server running debian 5 and another server running CentOS 5.

My house has been mostly windows free for about two years now (I used to have XP on a dual boot, up to about 8 months ago I hesitate to qualify that though as no one hardly booted to it.)

Big Bear

Three openSUSE systems in the house. One is able to dual boot into XP, but that wasn’t done for at least two years.

My wild computer career: → Commodore VIC-20Commodore 64Amiga 500Puberty → No computer at all for 15 years → Linux and Linux only.

…except for some FreeBSDing.

Came across this thread by searching for something else, but would like to give a comment:

For personal use the last time I had a dual boot with windows is more than five years ago.

I use openSUSE on my PC, my wife uses Linux Mint on her laptop (and also no windows at all), our 14 year old daughter uses Ubuntu on her PC (I made it dual boot with Vista which was included with the machine, just in case she wants to use that, but she did not boot into windows now for half a year so I do not count it). Ubuntu on my netbook and openSUSE on the companies laptop (I am in the lucky situation that I am allowed to choose whatever operating system I want at work).

So we are a whole family without any Microsoft or Apple operating system and obviously without any need for it because otherwise we would have it installed.

I see the Naked Coder has prompted plenty of responses to dispel his myth.

I’m not sure the question of whether one uses exclusively Linux, Mac or Windows is a valid one. I have a Blackberry Storm that I occasionally use for Web browsing, and (of course) for texting, email and sending images. Technically, the Storm is a small, hand-held computer with a different OS. Should we include that in the counting?

I use Linux 95% of the time. I still have Windows XP in dual-boot on both my laptop and my home system, but that’s for work. (And, once a year, for doing taxes.) He apparently doesn’t consider that “hard core” or “full time” Linux use, and that’s silly. I use the Storm to call people and send texts because it’s ideal for that. But most of what I want to do, I can do in Linux (yes, including games).

Incidentally, this weekend has found me in Windows XP more than at anytime in the past year, because I’ve been working on some music. I like Windows for that. Does that make me a Linux “traitor?” Don’t be silly.

But I will say this … WOW, I hate Windows. If I wasn’t spoiled by the editing software that I use (Magix and Cakewalk stuff), I would NOT even bother. Perfect example: I have one of those M-Audio USB keyboards with a driver to present MIDI to my sequencing software. I made the mistake of “safely removing,” and then unplugging it while the sequencer kit was still active. BAD mistake. I had to hold the power button and do a hard reboot to get the desktop back. :stuck_out_tongue:

john hudson wrote:
> I see the Naked Coder has prompted plenty of responses to dispel his
> myth.

i just SlashDotted his blog…
that might get one or two comments more… :wink:


I see the Naked Coder has prompted plenty of responses to dispel his myth.

That was the plan.:wink:

But don’t you just love his bogger name?

Who cares if someone uses Linux “full time” or not? Different people have different needs that call for different operating systems. People who switched to Linux would still keep Windows around or Virtual Machine it if needed, no matter how small the need is. I don’t get the ideal “Linux Dream.” There is beauty in diversity and knowing how to use multiple operating systems is an advantage in the world, I think.

7 Machines in my house, all openSUSE, one has dual boot with XP Professional (GRUB entry: Windows, the Game). No production use of any windu release since 2001/2002.
VM’s with Ubuntu, Fedora.


The blog post was an awful troll and unfortunately a lot of people seemingly bit the bait.

no, we just like to brag any chance we get that we can get along just fine with Linux only.

at least, I do.

Big Bear

4 computers in the house
One openSuSe 11.1 with xfce
One openSuSe 11.2 with kde 4.3/xfce4.6.1 & win 7 ultimate the user prefer to use openSuSE 11.2 kde4.3 only use win for windows live/msn live I guess.
One openSuSE 11.2 kde 4.4/xfce4.6.1 with vista the user doesn’t boot to vista annoyed with frequent start after update and service pack issues with grub.
One with xp and openSuSE 11.1 with lxde and xfce

The blog post was an awful troll and unfortunately a lot of people seemingly bit the bait.

Although I see the “troll” concern, I think that having a monster list of comments from “exclusive” Linux users might be a fun thing to have hanging around on the “internets”, if you know what I mean. :wink:

But I don’t think it was a trick; I suspect this guy was totally honest, but obviously didn’t do his homework.

We have been living the myth scene 2001, business and home are both totally
M$ free zones and we love it. What a wonderful thing it is to have full control
of your system.

System up-times in years, no infections, drop loaders, no BSOD, no fragmentation,
no registry woes, no business software alliance ( Micro Squish Pooolice) no reactivation,
no Bull Feces, it just works always.

Do not feed the trolls. They’re often clueless and do not know on what they’re on about…

I use Linux exclusively ever since 2001. I don’t have Win installed on any disk here at all, only have it in a VM just for when I may really really need it, and honestly that VM hardly gets booted

I don’t really think naked coder is a troll - he’s trying to provoke reactions is all. He seems to like Linux.

if he likes Linux, then he really shouldn’t spew such cr@p at all. If he at least has a bit of clue about Linux in general and its community and users, he should know that what he wrote is obviously very wrong…

if he did know that, but wrote the blog just to cause hoopla, he’s a troll
If he didn’t know that and really thinks like that about Linux, not only doesn’t he know a thing about Linux and its community/users, but he’s also still an ignorant troll blablabla’ing about topics he has not clue about, thus spreading FUD and being proven wrong by many.

Me like Linux? My signature says it all.

Also, I am happy that, because of me, more than 1000 users (are forced to!) use Linux at work.