LILO Multiboot after skipping bootloader installation

Hello folks!
I have several other distro on my hard disk, and finally I decided to try OpenSuSE. The installation program ended up normally, but I skipped “installing the bootloader” since I want to manage all my distros via LiLO and Slackware (which is the distro I’m more experienced with)
So I inserted the paths to suse kernel image and ramdisk in my lilo.conf and reinstalled it. The problem is that with some distros this method doesn’t apply. I got in troubles with Mandriva too, which I finally abandoned ;
I’d really like to try SuSE so I need your help!

My LiLo works perfectly with Slackware and Ubuntu… With both Mandriva and OpenSuSE I got a message (AFTER kernel gets loaded) like this:

Waiting for device /dev/root to appear
...............................Could not find /dev/root
Want me to fall back to /dev/disk/ny-id/ata-balblablablalbalablalbalblabla? (Y/n)

If I answer Y the initialization program starts… But I see lots of ‘failed’ and Reading-only filesystem
Evenutally I see Starting HAL deamon and it stops
Any idea?

Don’t think we have a /dev/root in openSUSE. You may try to find out what /dev/root is pointing to at one of the other Linuxes that do work and, when it is a symlink, make the link yourself.