Likewise Open on Build service broken

The Likewise Open package at:

is broken. I am trying to install on openSUSE 11.0, and it looks to install. Under /usr/share/ I see the two directories, however these two directories are supposed to be under /opt. The creator of the rpm looks to have messed up and didn’t change the files to point to /usr/share for the directories needed.

Any ideas out there?

Did you look at the readme? If not does this help?

To configure the server, run

/usr/share/likewise/bin/ initLikewise WORKGROUP

where WORKGROUP is a <=15 character name used to identify the Windows
networking workgroup to which you want to associate the Linux machine.

Looking at the src rpm, all the opt directories are remmed out. if you
need it in opt, then grab the src rpm and rebuild it by editing the
spec file to your requirements.

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