lightscribe - lacie RPM won't install

I’v looked for lightscribe software in yast with some utilities available. I was told that Lacie will work good.

In previous versions of opensuse, I clicked on them and the yast-install prompt would show it. How do install these RPM files? Superuser mode. Similar to installing the multimedia package.

there are 2 rpm’s there
you can download them right-click on them and chose install software
or use zypper and install them directly (they will be downloaded in a temp folder)
assuming you want LightScribe Labeler not the Host app just paste this in a terminal

sudo zypper in
sudo zypper in /home/username/LightScribe_Host_Software

sudo zypper in /home/username/LaCie_LightScribe_Labeler_1.0_Linux.rpm

These should work for a local files?

Malcolmlewis: In /usr/bin which is just a softlink to /usr/4L AFAIK it’s 32bit so you would need to install the 32bit libs if it’s can’t find libs.

I install the host software then app. Right? No more libs needed.

#1: LightScribe_Host_Software
#2: LaCie_LightScribe_Labeler_1.0_Linux.rpm

zypper in LightScribe_Host_Software_1.8.15.1_Linux.rpm
Loading repository data…
Reading installed packages…
Resolving package dependencies…

Problem: nothing provides needed by lightscribe-
Solution 1: do not install lightscribe-
Solution 2: break lightscribe- by ignoring some of its dependencies

Grab the libstdc++33-32bit-3.3.3-33.1.x86_64.rpm from (follow link to repo);

Extract the rpm and dump the lib in /usr/local/lib/ then run ldconfig and see how that goes (you may need to break the install, option 2). The other option is to extract the lightscribe rpm (as your user in you home dir) and the dump the lib in the directory.

Can I add these files to the rpm? So, it installs with the needed files.

So that got it working? You would need to create your own rpm (or script) to add it…

No, I was curious. I won’t able to access it until later this week.

I couldn’t get it work without internet. So, I added no repo. I followed the instructions:

open ark, copy files to /usr/local/lib/
zypper --no-remote in ‘LightScribe Host Software Linux.rpm’
host software installed successfully.

zypper in ‘LaCie LightScribe Labeler 1.0 Linux.rpm’
+16 additional packages. Installed successfully.

I want to make a new rpm for lightscribe host software that includes the missing libs.

Also, I want another new rpm that puts entries for the app and docs in the start menu.

Change the cfg so the app ‘load image’ defaults to apps image directory. /usr/4L/templates/ or copy them into the users home directory.


This very different topic. So, I’ll start a new topic. This one is closed, thanks to all.