Lightning Extension for Thunderbird 64bit?

Can anyone point me in the direction on where to get 64 bit lightning?

IIRC there’s a link to a download site with 64-bit lightning from the official lightning page. However 1.0b2 requires TB 3.1.

Try this one

Thank you for the help, but I went back to 32 bit as it’s more supported.

64-bit works fine. I’m using TB3.1 from the Mozilla repo, Lightning 1.0b2 and Gdata and it’s all good. Volunteers quickly release a 64-bit build when a new version is released so support is not an issue.

Thanks, your link worked and installed fine on my 64bit opensuse… I also thought once that would be better to go to 32bit but if you have some time to read you can get everything working on 64bit lol!