lightdm[1128]: segfault on reboot

kernel: lightdm[1128]: segfault at 0 ip b786b821 sp bfe446dc error 4 in[b77e4000+15e000]

TW 32 bit.

Is please needed any action ?

Bug report will not hurt.

I’ll note that I have TW-32 bit with “lightdm” (and only “Icewm” as desktoop). I have not experienced any problems. However, this is on 64-bit hardware (actually a 64-bit KVM virtual machine).

TW-32 bit on 32 bit bare metal.

A bug report might be appropriate.

As far as I know, all of the openQA testing of TW32 is done on virtual machines.

looks like bug is already reported:

Okay. You might consider adding a comment to that bug report, indicating that you are also seeing the problem. (Or maybe that’s your report already).

The login/password that you use for the forums should also work for bugzilla.

comment has been added.