Lifecam VX-3000 with skype


I am relatively new to suse and have a question regarding the use of lifecam VX-3000 with skype. In this thread
Microsoft lifecam Vx-3000 webcam - HELP
I found a set of commands that allow me to use my webcam within skype by running the following Code:


Unfortunately, it looks like I need to type in these lines every time I restart skype. Is there a way to automate the process, so that when I start my computer it executes the code before starting skype?
Can anyone also explain what this code does? I find it difficult to run commands without knowing what they do. Do you have to be a programmer to know about these commands or should everyone who uses suse know about that.
I know my questions might sound ignorant, but keep in mind I switched from windows not long ago.

Thank you!

This depends on your desktop. LXDE ? Gnome ? KDE ? Xfce ?

The openSUSE webcam HCL has this to say about the application of that command:

If this works for you, you can add the LD_PRELOAD-command to the startup command of your menu entry/desktop shortcut via menu editor or with right-clicking the desktop icon => properties => application => command respectively

where I believe the "right-clicking the desktop icon => properties => application => command " advice is refering to KDE.

Are you certain that “export” command is needed ? Please test this without that “export” command.

Reference LD_PRELOAD, there are lots of posts on the web about it.

In essence, LD_PRELOAD is a shell environment variable, which will allow arbitrary shared libraries to be loaded prior to running any program. These shared libraries can override functions in glibc, or other libraries, and do other things, including calling the original library function

I just tried it without the “export” and it did not work. I also noticed, that as soon as I close the terminal skype quits as well.

I added the commands to Skype by right-click on suse icon then “EditApplication” then
Skype and entered the commands on the “command” line. Now everything works perfectly fine.
Thanks guys!