lid button suspend issues HP NC4010 opensuse 11

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with suspend to disk on my HP/Compaq NC4010.
Currently I am running openSuSE 11.0.

Using kpowersave, I have configured my system to suspend to disk if the lid close button is activated.
The first time the lid switch is triggered, the system cleanly suspends as it is supposed to.
If I hit the lid switch a second time (after resume of course ;)), the screen goes blank for a moment, but then the laptop continues to run normally, it doesn’t suspend.
If I trigger suspend via kpowersave, everything works fine.
/var/log/messages shows that the lid switch event is registered by the system.

I find this behaviour slightly annoying, especially as it had all worked perfectly under openSuSE 10.1 and 10.2. the issue first occurred under openSuSE 10.3, and continues to occur in openSuSE 11.0, and updating the pm-utils package to the 11.1 beta doesn’t solve the problem either.

So does anyone have any ideas what might be causing the problem?

Thanks very much!

As root, execute ‘s2ram -i’ and do some reading
on that weblink.

[It’s all about whether your model is white-listed…mine
wasn’t, so I figured out I need to add options ‘-f -a 3’
for mine. So, I setup some aliases, and launch my
suspend manually, rather than let the opaque method(s)
get it wrong.]

Thanks very much, but I fear we have had a bit of a misunderstanding here. Suspend to Ram doesn’t work on the machine, and I don’t really care about that, actually.
Suspend to disk, which I need, works nicely.

What doesn’t work is triggering the suspend to disk via the lid switch, or rather it works once, and after that it doesn’t work again.
So it’s not possible to set up the machine to reliably suspend to disk on closing the lid, which is a bit of a nuisance.

Thanks very much nonetheless.

From your description of the symptoms, I’d say that the second time your notebook actually doesn’t even try to suspend: what you’re seeing might very well be just your LCD blanking which is the default behaviour of an unconfigured LCD button. IIRC I’ve already seen this type of behaviour in HP laptops: after the first suspend the ACPI key bindings cease to work. On my HP Compaq 6715, some key bindings sometimes cease to work even if no suspend has taken place - say, if the machine is left running for several days without a reboot.