Can I sell licenses for distribution, created in suse studio?

I think your confused. You can sell CD’s DVD’s, but the license is GPL. You don’t own the works, and don’t have the rights to the works.

But, i can sell technical support?

I suppose you could.

antime wrote:

> But, i can sell tech support technical support?
That is what the GPL is about, it is not against making money, you can get
money for your effort like support or providing the specialised distro
(which is also work and some kind of support), the software itself remains
of course free (you can also charge a fee for providing it, but that is not
selling it, since you do not own it), which means you cannot limit the right
of the person who gets it to change it or redistribute it further.

here is a nice article (not exactly what you are planning but worth reading

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On Thu, 13 Oct 2011 21:46:03 +0000, antime wrote:

> But, i can sell tech support technical support?

Have a look at the GPL license itself and you’ll have your answer for GPL
content in your appliance. If there is non-GPL content, you’ll have to
refer to those licenses as well to see what is and isn’t allowed.


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