Libzypp related question

My question is: how to check there’s “don’t install <package>” solution?

Reason is I’ll try to add possibility to install packages into systemd container, while there’s dependency problem between package selected to install and installed package. I add option to install into container, but this option should be hidden if there’s described solution.


What kind of “systemd container,” systend-nspawn or one of the more well known container technologies like LXC or Docker? Maybe something else?

In any case, you might be interested in my collection of “most useful” zypper options

Otherwise, you may have to post details about what you’re creating.


I decided to use systemd-nspawn container type.

Imagine in system we have installed php5, but I will test php7. I use zypper and zypper will suggest to create new container to solve dependency errors. The idea is not completed yet, so I wait for suggestions.

When user select install to container, then zypper asks for container’s path and do exec appending --root $container_path