Thanks. Unfortunately, the same result as post #19 (shared-mime-info). Currently, reinstalling the 11.4 MS5 DVD. After the mandatory updates, I will restart the KDE 4.6 RC2 straightaway, with the installation-generated repos, and your procedures.

Will post back.

Thanks again.


Index of /repositories/KDE:/Distro:/Factory/openSUSE_Factory has been updated in the last 2 days and is no longer compatible with 11.4-ms5.
You now need to add Index of /factory/repo/oss to get shared-mime-info-0.90-5.2

Added the factory repo and voila ! KDE 4.6 RC2 (aka 4.5.95) installed, along with a total of 1430 changes. Looks very good, and the upgrade brought along the (not-quite but almost) latest kernel.

Thanks again for the help, especially that last post ! *

(NOTE: This success has been almost as exciting as Crawley Town’s Cup streak !)*