libxine1 marked taboo

I want to replace xine-lib with libxine1 to get mp4 capability, but libxine1 is marked taboo. I don’t remember doing this.
If I try to remove xine-lib first I find myself in dependency hell.
(Most recently, if I try to select xine-lib for removal to review the dependencies yast2 takes 99 percent of my cpu time and stays there 'til I kill it.)
Can I fix this without a re-install? I have a pretty fresh install of 64 bit opensuse 11, but I’ve spent most of the last few days getting my hvr-1300 to work, and I don’t want to redo it if I don’t have to.

Remove the taboo status for libxine1 and then post the output of:

zypper install libxine1

That worked fine. I just wasn’t sure that removing the taboo status wasn’t going to break something else. I now have mp4 support in Kaffeine and Miro.

Kaffeine still won’t play dvd’s, though. I have libdvdcss installed and VLC plays them fine.

Thanks for your help.

Whose kaffeine do you have installed? Packman packaged kaffeine or Novell/SuSE-GmbH packaged kaffeine? I recommend the Packman packaged kaffeine.

Whose libffmpeg0 do you have installed? Packman’s or videolan’s ? If videolans, then it may not be compatible with the kaffeine packaged by packman.

In your kaffeine, ensure you have xine setup as your sound engine, and not gstreamer.

Whose kaffeine do you have installed? Whose libffmpeg0 do you have installed?

I changed both of these to packman and it’s working fine. Thanks.

One thing. Trying to install libffmpeg0 through YaST (it was not originally installed) led to several apparently unresolvable conflicts. I installed with zypper on the command line and everything worked fine. Perhaps YaST is too smart for its own good?

By default “zypper install” will select the solutions it thinks are better, even if isn’t clear if the user would prefer another solution. “zypper install -R” will ask all the questions. Answering what ZYpp thinks are the best options “zypper install -R” will give exactly the same result than “zypper install”.
In any case the questions aren’t “unresolvable conflicts”, just options.

Also note that “zypper install libffmpeg0” will install the libffmpeg0 package with the highest version from the repo with the highest priority. If Videolan version is newer than Packman’s, but you set Packman to a higher priority, zypper will select the older Packman version.
YaST instead by default will select the newer version, ignoring repo priorities. That’s a bug in YaST fixed on openSUSE 11.1.

Thanks for the explanation.
I called them ‘unresolvable conflicts’ because after selecting a number of the options (replacing one version of software with another) suggested by YaST it presents me with an option that can’t be selected, i.e., it always resets and presents the same screen again. And again. This could be a symptom of the bug you mentioned, though.