libxine1 and libavcodec51


I just installed opensuse-11.0 64-bit version. Almost everything works but when I try to install libxine1 I get a message saying it can not find a distribution for libavcodec51. Going in the software management tool I see that libavcodec52 is available. Anyone has an idea how to deal with this.



You need the Packman version of libxine 1
You may have to upgrade all your multimedia packages to packman, that is best anyway.

This is the version I’m using. If I click on the technical data tab in yast it says


Yesterday was update de FFMpeg packages and libavcodec51 doesn’t exist.

libxine1 need libavcodec51.

I don’t know where I can write this problem for Packman.

PD: My first post :slight_smile:

Do you have VLC repo enabled?
If yes - Disable
Some packages in Packman might now show RED, roll them back.

FYI: libavcodec52 is provided by Packman’s libxine 1

I recently got this same error on somw multimedia packages. I believe it is because not everything has been updated in packman’s repository to link against the new libavcodec.


Probably here (I don’t speak german) -> [packman]](


$ rpm -qRp “” | grep avcodec
$ rpm -qRp “” | grep avcodec

I suppose there exist some incompatibilty between xine and latest libavcodec and they have created a new xine package linked statically against libavcodec51.

Just wait for your mirrors to sync…

The problem is fixed. Today exist this package :slight_smile:
Thanks to the maintainer.

OK. I was able to install it, but not until I removed xine-lib. So far it doesn’t look like removing xine-lib broke anything else.

Thanks for the tip alainleblanc. I removed xine-lib and am now able to install libxine1 etc.:slight_smile:

Thanks too alainleblanc!! :slight_smile:

All is working perfectly now!