libvirt did not detect any UEFI/OVMF firmware image installed on the host

I got this error:](
I have libvirt installed:](

libvirt is enabled:](

Don’t double post what appears to be the same issue.
You can add a new post to your first post with the new information.

See my response to your other post.

AGAIN it’s not a valid answer, in his case :

Moreover, I don’t see why it would be the same problem than
here it’s not about PCI…

Did you tell libvirt where OVMF files are located?

If you’re using vm manager, that’s one of the applications that is provided by libvirt (Libvirt and vm manager (and virt install) are one and the same.

I’m pretty sure the issue is the same… The referenced thread’s details (KVM with vga passthrough) describe setting up hardware pass through with IOMMU.