libssh2 / libcurl errors

Has anyone seen any problems after a zypper update.

I am getting the following issues:

Example #1:VirtualBox
VirtualBox: Error -610 in supR3HardenedMainInitRuntime!
VirtualBox: dlopen("/usr/lib/virtualbox/",) failed: /usr/lib64/ symbol libssh2_scp_send64, version LIBSSH2_1.3.0 not defined in file with link time reference

VirtualBox: Tip! It may help to reinstall VirtualBox.

Example #2 zypper update
zypper: /lib64/ no version information available (required by /usr/lib64/
Loading repository data…
Reading installed packages…

Nothing to do.

I have done the following:Several google searches have shown a similar issue with 11.2. They also had reinstalled.

I also deinstalled the 32bit versions of these libs and found that it broke a few things so I put them back.

I have forced an update of all packages I believe that are involved.

I have updated VB, and recomplied.

No joy. Any ideas would be helpful.

More Info:uname -a = Linux dude 3.4.11-2.16-desktop #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Sep 26 17:05:00 UTC 2012 (259fc87) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

lsb_release -irc
[INDENT=2]Distributor ID: SUSE LINUX
[INDENT=2]Release: 12.2
[INDENT=2]Codename: Mantis

On 11/27/2012 04:36 PM, unixlover wrote:
> Has anyone seen any problems after a zypper update.

i am sure i can’t help you, but i do offer this (which the real helper
might need to know):

  • please tell if the openSUSE 12.2 with these example problems is the
    host, or the hosted, or both…if both, are both throwing these zypper

  • if the openSUSE throwing these errors is hosted, please tell us the
    operating system being used as the host

and, i wonder why you elected to post into the application forum and not
the Virtualization forum


Thanks for the reply
To answer your questions:

  1. It is the host for the vm’s

  2. I did not put this in the virtual area as it seemed
    to relate to other apps as well. It would appear
    libcurl has a problem with some symbols in libssh,
    as zypper was also throwing errors/warnings.

    I will be happy to resubmit in a different area.

On 11/27/2012 05:46 PM, unixlover wrote:
> 1) It is the host for the vm’s

ok, so you have a problem in 12.2 64 which may or may not impact the VM…

no, lets wait and see if someone can help with that zypper comment…

if you can get that straight and the VM then works–DONE! if not, then
you can post the unrelated VM question to the correct forum…ok?

oh, many will probably want to see, so please show us the terminal
output and input from

zypper lr -d

copy/paste the in/output back to this thread using the instructions


zypper lr -d
zypper: /lib64/ no version information available (required by /usr/lib64/

| Alias | Name | Enabled | Refresh | Priority | Type | URI | Service

1 | openSUSE-12.2-1.6 | openSUSE-12.2-1.6 | Yes | No | 99 | yast2 | cd:///?devices=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-hp_DVD_A_DH16AAL_3D9949033550 |
2 | repo-debug | openSUSE-12.2-Debug | No | Yes | 99 | NONE | Index of /debug/distribution/12.2/repo/oss |
3 | repo-debug-update | openSUSE-12.2-Update-Debug | No | Yes | 99 | NONE | Index of /debug/update/12.2 |
4 | repo-debug-update-non-oss | openSUSE-12.2-Update-Debug-Non-Oss | No | Yes | 99 | NONE | Index of /debug/update/12.2-non-oss |
5 | repo-non-oss | openSUSE-12.2-Non-Oss | Yes | Yes | 99 | yast2 | Index of /distribution/12.2/repo/non-oss |
6 | repo-oss | openSUSE-12.2-Oss | Yes | Yes | 99 | yast2 | Index of /distribution/12.2/repo/oss |
7 | repo-source | openSUSE-12.2-Source | No | Yes | 99 | NONE | Index of /source/distribution/12.2/repo/oss |
8 | repo-update | openSUSE-12.2-Update | Yes | Yes | 99 | rpm-md | Index of /update/12.2 |
9 | repo-update-non-oss | openSUSE-12.2-Update-Non-Oss | Yes | Yes | 99 | rpm-md | Index of /update/12.2-non-oss |

Thanks for all the help folks, but I have given up.

I did a backup of my important data and will be reloading 12.2.

This can be closed.