Librewolf's website instructions to install on tumbleweed doesn't work


I followed the instructions at the link below to install Librewolf for tumbleweed, and I keep getting an error that the repo doesn’t exist. Has anyone else succeeded at installing from this method?

I only used the zypper method and not the YaST one they have, but it appears the repo is the same, so I figure I would get the same result.

I want to avoid the flatpak if possible.

They are not even able to provide correct instructions…
The solution is mentioned in this thread:

sudo rpm --import
sudo zypper ar -ef librewolf
sudo zypper ref
sudo zypper in librewolf

Hello Hui,

You’re on a roll today, my dude. Thank you.

Do I have to enter these each one by one, or can I paste all 4 lines in one shot?

One by one…

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It worked. Again, thank you!