Libreofice Calc - Link External Data Hangs

I have a spreadsheet where I am trying to insert an external link to a website. However, when I add the URL in the link dialog box, calc seems to wonder off and never return. During this time soffice.bin is at 50% cpu. I have tried to insert the link, then went away to do some other stuff only to return an hour later and find calc still sitting doing nothing.

This used to work under 12.3 just fine and I am thinking it is a problem in calc. I have tried under different users and on other machines (even in a Kubuntu VM) with the same result. Before I head off to bugzilla, I was hoping some of you using 13.1 would give it a try and report back with the results and what URL you used.

Also, if anyone has experienced this issue and has resolved it, I would be most happy for some guidance.