libreoffice7.0- does not start


intstalled libreoffice7.0- with the following result

<user><2248sg-100GB><2020Jul12_11:15></opt/libreoffice7.0/program>sh soffice
LibreOffice 7.0 - Fatal Error: The application cannot be started.
The user interface language cannot be determined.

the same occurs when starting all files

sh s*

removing directory /home/user/.config/LibreOffice has no effect

Anyone have a quick solution


You have got a language pack ( libreoffice-l10n-* ) installed ? :wink:


thanks for the reply but no progress

libreoffice-l10n-en_GB is not included the packages

it is in the but this file is not compatible with the later version


*_GB maybe not, but “libreoffice-l10n-en” should be as that’s a dependency so that LO starts…

Don’t know where you’re getting the version from, but maybe file a bug report, could be a packaging error perhaps?

Or you could try the “daily” release from LO, which has, I quote from “GTK3, KDE5 and all helppack languages enabled”


I just downloaded and installed LO from their website again, LibreOffice_7.0.0.1_Linux_x86-64_rpm,
then did a “–force” update

it now starts ok

NB. No libreoffice-l10n-* packages are in this distribution

sorry for time wasting


OK - All is well :slight_smile:

You’re also probably aware the issue with saving of password protected files is now progressing… So hopefully by the time V7 reaches final release it will be fixed.