Libreoffice + ugly icons

My first report with this regard is from 23 January 2017 (see
At that time I used LO 5.3.02, Linux, openSuse Leap 42.2, Plasma 5.8.5. The icons of the LO UI looked terribly. In toolbar,
in sidebar and in all possible bars. Even is I selected small icons they appear big and ugly. Have tried all possible icon sets
and options. No openGL ha sbeen used. If I turned openGL on, LO did not start at all. The problem occurred with LO 5.3, previous
version were OK. The problem also remained if LO has been started with a brand new user profile.

Now, I am on Leap 15.0 and LO 6.1 (supplied by SUSE) and the problem still persists. To be more specific, the problem can be
recognised on my laptop only. It has 1920×1080 display, whereas on my desktop machine with 2560×1440 resolution, everything is fine.

Any suggestion what to do, or has anything been done so far to face the problem.

Hi, there’s one thing that bothers me: we don’t see other reports here about this. A thing to try ( certainly on a laptop with FHD screen ) is to set ( in systemsettings-fonts ) the DPI to 120, anti-aliasing to RGB / Slight and logout and login. Must say though that over the past couple of years I haven’t seen this issue before. Does it exist for a newly created user ?

Thank you for your tips. It works great now. As to the DPI settings, the default setting is 96. I changed it now to 120, set also anti-aliasing, and all looked nice now.

Thanks again.

Nice. Now that it works, you can also set this from sddm.conf by adding

ServerArguments=-dpi 122

at the end of that file, it will also make the sddm display manager’s login screen look more readable