Libreoffice tries to open but sticks in task bar.

Using my TW laptop and running KDE desktop with Libreoffice v7.4.1.2-2.1 installed from TW repo.

When I try to open Libreoffice Calc or Writer I get an installation progress bar logo but then instead of opening up the app I get a minimised page in the progress bar which I cannot open.

Any clues on how to fix this would be appreciated as I am trying to work!

No clues and I do not see that behaviour in my computers. What happens if you invoke libreoffice from the terminal?

> libreoffice

Any error messages?

Hi and thanks for the suggestion. CLI worked correctly. No error messages and I am able to continue working so thanks again.
No idea where problem lies so if you have any idea that would be helpful but not much time to investigate now.


Did you at any time enable the OpenCL support?

  • Here on Leap 15.4 and AMD Ryzen hardware that lead to an extremely nasty Desktop freeze which only went away when, I deleted the LibreOffice configuration files in ~/.config/.

I’ve seen this behavior about a week ago. Right click on taskbar and “maximize” brought it into view for me. Maximizing animation looked like Writer was hiding in a small square just off the left edge of the screen.

Libreoffice was opening with the wrong window geometry if it was previously closed when either minimised to the task bar or maximised.

It is fixed in 4.2.* see this upstream bug report:

That fix was backported to LO see

I tested that version on TW 20220926 and the fix appeared to work. When LO was closed under the conditions that caused the problem it had the expected window geometry when restarted.

Perhaps there are other conditions that trigger the problem.

If you are able to consistently reproduce the issue then I would suggest re-opening

I don’t have access to either of my TW machines at the moment so am unable to retest.

Many thanks to all. Since starting from cli I was able to complete what I had been working on and closed the app correctly. Since then LO has been working as it should.
From what Paul has posted it is likely that my problem had been due to an earlier occasions when I had been working from two different machines over a couple of days using a common cloud storage directory for saving my work but not closing the LO app correctly on both machines.
I doubt I can reproduce the problem and put it down to my sloppy working across systems.
Many thanks for getting me back up again.