Libreoffice "section" is permanently disabled?

LEAP 42.3

When Libreoffice 6 was released, I discovered an extera step was required to create multiple columns: create a “section” first. Basically, select a block of text, format it as a section, add columns.

Now, the Format::Sections item is permanently disabled. Now matter how I select text, the item is greyed indicating not-an-option.

Any idea how to resurrect section formatting?

Works normally here, same oS and LO versions.

In a new document I can go to Format>Page>Column tab and set as many columns as I want. No need to create a section first (it is grayed out as you say).

But you can Insert>Section…


Before v6 I’d used the Format::Columns item as indicated by Help. Then I found it under Format::Sections. Then sections never un-greyed…

Yes, columns can be created from two places in the menu-verse. Two options! Yay.

Thank you.

They do, after you create at least one new section. Before that the document is like one large section that, however, use the page format, so there is no specific section format to edit.

Okay. Thank you.