LibreOffice keeps wanting to install, what is "recommending

So libreoffice keeps wanting to get installed. I use openoffice RPMs. When I do zypper dup --no-recommends it doesn’t do the libreoffice applications.

How can I find out which package is “recommending” the install of LibreOffice* --type applications

in yast you can disable to auto select recommended packages
or in yast you can disable them by toggling
solver.onlyRequires = false
in /etc/zypp/zypp.conf

I know I can update the zypp conf file or issue the “–no-recommended”, but I don’t want to do that. I want to find out what the offending package doing the “recommending” is, so I can remove it. In most cases, I /will/ want the recommended packages; however, in this case, I do not.
I guess the basic issue is: I want to know what package is recommending LibreOffice install. What zypper/yast/rpm command can do that.

if you go in yast:software-management i would poke around rpm-groups but especially patterns. also zypper se -i --requires <name> will give you a reverse dependency lookup i believe.

Pretty sure it is a OS recommendation. LO ships with the OS and is a general recommendation.of one of the base patterns. Remove and blacklist/taboo it if you don’t want it.

If you remove pattern-opensuse-office and patterns-opensue-kde-patterns (or something close to that. can’t remember exact words) that will stop the libreoffice installs.
Search “patterns” in Yast2 software manager you’ll know the 2 whwn you see them.

Yes, but this will remove too many things the OP does not want removed.

Better – as gogalthorp says – simply uninstall LibreOffice, they mark it “taboo” in Yast.

I have been running OpenOffice since it came out, still am.

afaik unchecking the patterns packages does not remove anything
this might be the best solution aswell as keeping both libre and open and setting the desired as the proffered odf editor
but isn’t AOO abandonware who’s doing work on it?
Oracle dumped it on the Apache foundation and stopped active development the only real work is done on libre

It won’t remove anything. It just prevents them from auto-installing. You can still install anything in that category by selecting it specifically.

No, it is moving forward under Apache. Latest release is 4.1.3 released October 16, 2016.

4.1.4 is expected out soon.

I have been using it since it first came out, never did switch away, and still using it daily without any problems.

What’s more:
Over 200 million downloads …

AOO is not OOo
Libre is up to 5.3 and has a lot more developers , they’re both forks of OOo, OOo is dead it died with Sun Microsistems
personally I see LibreOffice as a true continuation of the original OOo as Oracle was abusing the open office name for commercial purposes, only when they realized they can’t make money selling it, they dumped it to the apache foundation, if I do remember correctly once upon a time the Document Foundation (which Oracle was a member of) did ask Oracle for the name OpenOffice Oracle said no, that’s when I dropped OOo, I never even thought about replacing Libre with the semi abandoned fork that is AOO
they’re both open sourced and share code, AOO has contributed less then 4% of the libre code which is minute compared to the amount of code AOO imported from LO
AOO is not available on the opensuse repo’s you’d need to manually download and install it and I really don’t think it’s a good choice
we get libre updates automatically, there’s even a LO repo that houses the newest build available
but to each his own, I use to like and use Abiword even tho I didn’t like gnome

Disagree. It most certainly is OpenOffice.

they dumped it to the apache foundation

Wrong. When the head-butting between the factions reached critical mass and the developers split off into opposing camps, OpenOffice came to a standstill. Sun decided to give up on it, and Apache decided to look at carrying it forward. After studying the situation, Apache decided to move forward with it.

It was not dumped on Apache, Apache felt it worthy of taking on and so proceeded with Sun’s blessing.

The whole fiasco was not just Oracle – though much of it was their fault – but boneheaded obstinance among the many camps of developers. The attitudes were similar to what appears to be developing over the past 2 or 3 years at the KDE camp and even (heaven forbid) starting to show early signs in openSUSE (One of a few disconcerting examples is the fury in the exchange over BTRFS, “my way or the highway” and black vs. white, no grey areas, and name-calling, which is totally opposed to the openSUSE Guiding Principles – and is but one of the early warning flags I have seen lately.).

Long before OpenOffice was even dreamt of, I have watched many volunteer organizations, charity and otherwise, fall victim to the same patterns and then collapse.

I will be both very disappointed and very furious if I see it happen here, as well.

I never even thought about replacing Libre with the semi abandoned fork that is AOO

As I said, I never replaced Libre. When I first turned to openSUSE, I tried Libre and discovered I could not do what I always did in OpenOffice, including use the en_CA (Canadian) English dictionary and thesaurus plug-in. I immediately removed LibreOffice and refused to switch from OpenOffice, and it has been working flawlessly for me, so have never felt the need to switch to LibreOffice, like others have.

AOO has contributed less then 4% of the libre code which is minute compared to the amount of code AOO imported from LO

I would like to see your citation and the facts and figures to back this up.

AOO is not available on the opensuse repo’s you’d need to manually download and install it

To start with, it is not in the openSUSE repos because nobody has decided to package it for our repos, at least not as yet.

At Apache, an RPM is provided for openSUSE. Like any package, of course you need to download and install it, which is exactly what you do when you install packages from the openSUSE repos that are not default-installed. Linux has thrived and survived on the “choice” factor over the decades. Would you now propose taking that choice away from us, and/or criticise our personal choices of packages? That is hardly “Open”.

and I really don’t think it’s a good choice

… opinion.

If you like and use LibreOffice, it is your choice, as it should be in the Linux world.

If you must do some opinionated bashing, perhaps do so with Microsoft, although I do not even approve of doing that

In the meantime, please reread the openSUSE Guiding Principles

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I think you should re read that, I never said AOO was bad I said it’s use is a bad idea is you’d have to manually update it, the lack of a Canadian dic is the only reason you don’t use it, afaik Canadian is almost identical to UK english you use colour instead of color (I’m not an English speaker so I don’t really care)
writing a whole report just cos you didn’t like my opinion, that’s what I wrote an opinion