LibreOffice KDE4 integration doesn't work


after upgrade to openSuse 13.1 the LibreOffice KDE 4 integration stop working. I have installed:


so I don’t see why it stop working. Do you have an idea?

hi @Skeletonix,

what version of libreoffice have you installed?

if libreoffice is started from the old icons, check they
are pointing to the new installed version,

in yast, Software Management, look under the File List tab to see
where they have been put, the directory should be different


Do you have the package “ibus” installed? If yes, remove it!

ibus effectively disables the KDE4 integration.

Apparently there can be some problems when using ibus and the KDE4 integration together (“cursor following problem”).
The package in 13.1 final even conflicted with libreoffice-kde4, that has been reported as bug. Then the ibus maintainer removed the conflict and “fixed the cursor following problem in a better way”, i.e. by disabling kde4 integration altogether…:\

See the bug report:

Thank you a lot. I removed the ibus package, restarted Kde and LO work properly :slight_smile: