LibreOffice Insert Special Characters missing Hebrew

Inset -> Special Characters in LibreOffice Version: does not show Hebrew in the Subset: drop-down menu. I suspect that I need to select a different fon, but I have no ideas which of the installed fonts includes the Hebrew alphabeth.

Most fonts support Hebrew. You probably need to change your keyboard layout to Hebrew if you want to write something or the whole text in Hebrew.
Though you can also add special characters from gucharmap (Gtk) e.g. or any other character map.

Mostly English, with the occasional Hebrew phrase. I can enter Hebrew using kCharSelect with a Noto Sans font, and LibreOffice lists that font on the menu, but Insert Special Character doesn’t list Hebrew under Subset:. Insert Special Character is easier when it works, so I’d really like to know whether this is something missing or just a configuration issue.

I understand what you mean. I tried it in LibreOffice Writer and you are right, there is Greek, Cyrillic e.g. but no Hebrew. I am also not aware why.

Let me re-check if there is something in the documentation.

The strange thing here is (for me), that (using KDE), that when I use the KCharSelect program, Hebrew is there. So Why can LO not do it?

Even stranger, the Subset: menu in OpenOffice Writer is much longer than in LibreOffice, and does include basic Hebrew right after Cyrillic. I thought that LO included everything that OO had.

It depends on the font – for example, the Liberation fonts don’t include Hebrew …

  • Try “zypper search hebrew” …


Apparently they implemented not what my idea about this is.

When somebody needs Hebrew, (s)he will not be that much interested in the font. So offer him Hebrew and with it the several fonts that are installed and include Hebrew.
Now it seems that one has a font selected and as a consequence can not find anywhere the script one needs when it is not by incident in that font. Is the solution then really: try all installed fonts one by one until you find one with Hebrew :(.

The KDE KCharSelect program works the other way: first find the script you need and then you can select a font that you think looks best.

From within LibreOffice Writer but, KCharSelect does display a few Hebrew characters within Liberation Sans …

Gucharmap supports Hebrew with Liberation fonts so I would say it is not a font issue.

Edit: I wanted to say Liberation.

It turns out that it is a font issue. If I install nota-sans-hebrew and I select nota sans Hebrew from the font drop down then Subset: does show basic Hebrew.

Good to know.