LibreOffice in 13.1 and 13.2

I gather from various threads that there isn’t a plan
to go beyond LO 4.1.n in openSuse 13.1

If that’s the case does anyone know what the plan is ?
13.1 suppose to be around for a long time. 4.1.6 is the
last release of this series and it goes EOL in May this
year which is only just around the corner now.

13.2 M0 has a flavor of 4.2 ( I cant remember which )
Factory has 4.2.3 but if the idea is to release 13.2 in
November or there about the 4.2. series goes EOL in
November as well.

The series that will be current around November is 4.3(.3)
which isn’t even a twinkle in the developers eye yet :wink:

I’m just puzzled as to how it will work. 4.2.3 has some really nice
fixes which I would love for 13.1 but it seems at the moment
that openSUSE is always miles behind. Whilst the absolute latest
isn’t always a good thing, it could be argued that we are 5 or 6
releases behind LO at the moment.

Best wishes


Your observations are correct. Normaly an openSUSE release is fixed. During it’s lifetime (nor thereafter) no new versions of software are introduced. Only security patches ans some others dubbed as “recommended” are offered (through the Update repos). These might be retrofitted ones from newer releases when needed (specialy security ones). OpenSUSE goes for stability here.

Individual users can however often use newer versions of software, specialy if they are offered on so called “Factory” or other repos on the Open Build Service. This software must then most likely be build for the appropriate openSUSE version. But that is where the OBS is for.

on opensuse13.1, kde12.4,
libreoffice, Version: 4.2
is in use on PC’s and laptops
without any noticeable regression,

source is

LO 4.2 is also available on OBS:

I have tested suggestions and it still reported 4,15x. I mean how hard can it be (expression stolen from Top Gear UK)?

-Do I need the update?

-Is it essential for opensuse 13.1 users?


What I do know that is was no problem to update in Win8.1 to of
Libreoffice. Including fix for for Heartbleed. A point of clicks in a WM.


Again, you need to add a repo and install version 4.2 from there.
For openSUSE 13.1 you will only get the 4.1.x bugfix releases as official updates. (not sure if there still will be any, though)

-Do I need the update?

Well, only you yourself can decide whether you need the update.

-Is it essential for opensuse 13.1 users?

No, unless they want/need the additional features in 4.2.
I don’t need it.

What I do know that is was no problem to update in Win8.1 to of
Libreoffice. Including fix for for Heartbleed. A point of clicks in a WM.

You don’t need a fix for Heartbleed, that was a bug in openssh.
On openSUSE, LO uses the system’s libopenssh, so there’s no need to update LibreOffice.

And I suppose it’s even easier to install the official updates on openSUSE.
But it is openSUSE’s policy to not release new feature releases as official updates, as has been said already.
You only get bug fix and security updates without additional repos.

OTOH, it’s not exactly difficult to add the LibreOffice:Factory repo and install 4.2, just use the 1-click install link here:
(whenever YaST asks about a dependency conflict, select “Install xxx (with Vendor change)”)

You will then get automatically all 4.2.x updates as well.

Hello wolfi!

I maybe know a little bit more then the average user. In Linux/opensuse.

Thanks for the link /Factory/openSUSE and one-click-install. I haven’t try It yet. I don’t mind to try even on my daily PC.

Still it is something… You know. I know! What about the rest? O yes I can make my own decisions. Informed ones. No I’m not whining. Just asks questions.


And how would a Windows user know how to install LibreOffice in the first place?

By going to their homepage, downloading it and follow the instructions.
And you can do the same for Linux.
But of course it’s better/easier to use the repo.

And as I said already, most users won’t need the update to 4.2 anyway.
If there are bugs found and fixed in 4.1.x, openSUSE can/will of course still release an official update for 13.1.

Hello wolfie!
“And how would a Windows user know how to install LibreOffice in the first place?” Well in my hometown and a lot of others regional towns using it in ground school (7-16 years old) on Win7.

Please understand me… I’m not after to kick down. I’m simply asking from a wider view.


OK, but you have to install it first (especially on Windows) to get those easy updates. That’s my point.

On openSUSE it comes pre-installed.

Please understand me… I’m not after to kick down. I’m simply asking from a wider view.

I’m not sure I really understand you.
LibreOffice 4.1 is shipped and pre-installed on openSUSE 13.1. You get security and bugfix updates automatically.
So what’s your problem?

Again, the official openSUSE policy is to not automatically offer new feature releases of installed software. You only get bug and security fixes via the official update channel.
This is done to keep the system stable.
And this is done that way since I started using SUSE 11 years ago.

But there is a lot of additional software and newer versions of included software available on OBS for people that want/need it.
And those are not hard to install or find either.

There’s even an online software search available:

Pre-installed? You mean Win on new hardware then (policy in county)? When organizations of people and public made a choice they will be informed.

Lets go back… I know, -you know. Linux. If there is something for the students when they get home is to install latest Libreoffice on whatever Pc.

I started to look into SuSE 2002, 12 years ago.


No, I mean it is installed by default when you install openSUSE.

It is NOT pre-installed on Windows/your shiny new PC of course, that’s actually the point I’m trying to make.
So they would have to go to the LO homepage, download and install it themselves if they are using Windows.

Lets go back… I know, -you know. Linux. If there is something for the students when they get home is to install latest Libreoffice on whatever Pc.

But again, 4.1.x is already pre-installed on openSUSE.
Why would they insist on installing 4.2 immediately when they learn about LibreOffice and want to try that at home?
Shouldn’t 4.1 that’s already installed be sufficient?

And you still can install 4.2 via the repo, or by downloading it from the LibreOffice homepage just like you would have to on Windows.

I still don’t understand where you see a problem here.

I started to look into SuSE 2002, 12 years ago.

Then you should know that it was always like this.
When did you ever get a newer LibreOffice feature release (or a new version for any other software like KDE f.e.) via the standard update channel?

Actually this has become a bit more relaxed nowadays, in certain cases (Firefox and Chromium f.e.) even new feature releases are put into the update repo.

Hello Wolfi!
I have a feeling that we went of the wrong foot here.

There is a long time that 13.1 is to stay (Evergreen I hope for my main-server). Almost a year. I don’t question the reasons beyond that. In order to maintain users and newcomers a upgrade path is essential for the applications/programs. Oh no, -Tumbleweed and factory is not for casual folks.

I’m well aware of The document organization and sponsorships there.

My interest is to make Linux a bigger player on the desktop. Easy to handle. Not rely on specific IT-departments. Manually add repos etc.

Well some thoughts.


Yes, 13.1 is to be maintained for about 18 months in total (actually a bit more since 13.2 has been post-poned).
Like any other version before (which haven’t gotten libreoffice updates either). The 18 months support cycle at least hasn’t changed since 11.x.

Then it will get continued support by the Evergreen team.
I have no idea what their plans are, but I would think they won’t be very keen either to do feature updates, as they only have quite limited manpower. Also Evergreen support is also only supposed to provide bug fixes and security updates.

Anyway, discussing this here with me won’t change anything.

You do have the option to install from OBS or from the LibreOffice homepage.
LO 4.2 (or 4.3 even, I don’t know the LO release plans) will be part of the next openSUSE version, but most likely never be released as official update for 13.1. And that is not my decision.

You will get bug fix updates when/if they appear though.
If you find a bug in the shipped LO 4.1.x then you should report it at It might be fixed and released as update for 13.1 then.

Me, I don’t feel the neccessity (not even for me) to have LibreOffice 4.2+ on openSUSE 13.1.
But I suppose I will upgrade to 13.2 as soon as it is available anyway… :wink:

Oh no, -Tumbleweed and factory is not for casual folks.

But if you start to release the latest versions of the software as updates, you in fact create another Factory/Tumbleweed.

And that’s the whole point of Tumbleweed: to get the latest versions of software, but being more stable than Factory.
Evergreen is intended to be the exact opposite. Stay with the old proven versions of software, but still get fixes for security flaws and critical bugs. LO 4.2 won’t really fit into that I’m afraid.

That said, if you do want to see LO 4.2 in 13.1, you should file a feature request I guess.

Hi Wolfie1 I test 1click install… Who where this supposed to fit? Questions after question to resolve rpm-hell. I can manage. But I can clearly see that a I have lot of support to anyone i recommend it to. Your link Docent work, -I suggest instead :slight_smile: Regards

That’s no “rpm-hell”.
I told you that you should choose “Install xxx (with vendor change)” for every question.

Your link Docent work, -I suggest instead :slight_smile: Regards

Yes, sorry. That was a typo (.org instead of .com).

But just have a look at your post(s): “Docent work”??? :stuck_out_tongue:

And please, don’t get me wrong.
I’m not against releasing LO 4.2 as official update for 13.1.
But I don’t think it will happen, and I’m trying to explain that.

Even if you state a thousand times here that it should be done, and provide a hundred brilliant reasons, it won’t magically appear in the update repo…

Hi wolfie!
No comments…lol!.

English is not my native… Should we continuie in Swedish? German?

Dependice-hell yes.


Well, my primary language is german.

But actually there’s not really much left to discuss for me about this topic.

Dependice-hell yes.

No, it’s no dependency hell either.

It’s just that you have to tell YaST to switch the installed packages to the versions from the other repo (“vendor stickyness”).
You could also uninstall libreoffice 4.1 before you install 4.2, then this would not be necessary.

Or do a full vendor change upgrade to the LibreOffice:Factory repo, you should have that repo in your list now anyway:

That page also explains a bit more about the “vendor stickyness” concept, and even how to turn it off…