LibreOffice Impress Slides Display

I want to create a presentation and a slide show. I have created three pages in LibreOffice Impress. When I go to “Slide Show>>Custom slide show…” it shows me only three slides, which is logical, although I have written many lines of text on my second page. I want to be able, when I play the slide, to show each line of text as a separate slide ( I mean to display one line of text, then, after two seconds, another line of text and so on - I don’t want it to go directly to the third page after a few seconds, I want it to go from one line of text to another, as if they were slides).

I found the answer HERE

It’s pretty easy: highlight a bullet, open the “Custom Animation Section”, click “Add” in the pop-up window, select “Appear” then click “OK” to dismiss the window.