LibreOffice dialogs are too small


Many of the dialogs in LibreOffice are too small, causing widgets to be hidden. Anyone knows why? Bug or something wrong with my desktop?


Maybe you can:
a) tell which version of openSUSE you use;
b) tell which desktop environment you use;
c) explain a little bit more what you see, e.g by posting a screen shot at SUSE Paste

Hi and thanks for replying. Yes, I should have supplied a bit more info!
I have OpenSUSE 12.3, KDE 4.10, LibreOffice and here is an example of a dialog:

I do not know if this helps, but I have here openSUSE 12.2, KDE 4.8.5 and LibreOffice 3.5.

I serached and found the same Options window as you. Notwithstanding the fact that my language (Dutch) in general uses longer strings there it looks perfect. This could point to something (read bug) in the desktop or in LibreOffice.

Let us see what others have to say.

Correction to the above post. That is 12.2.

I repeated this with openSUSE 12.3, KDE 4.10.5 and LibreOffice 3.6 (both officialy released with openSUSE 12.3). No problem here also.

There are several known problems with various dialogues, which are in the process of being corrected. Apparently it is related to the default text size(s) used by KDE.

I’m also using 12.3 and but with KDE 4.11.3 and that dialogue is OK SUSE Paste

However this one isn’t lol! SUSE Paste

Although using KDE I prefer the Ubuntu fonts, these are the sizes I have set SUSE Paste

But, have you got white menubar text? – 'cos I have …>:)

No, I don’t have white menubar text! That can’t be fun!