Libreoffice crash on exit from calc using Tumbleweed/KDE

On TW I see this each time I exit from using calc.

Anyone else seeing this? I have LO V7.4.3.2 and can find nothing recent so far here on on LO forums…


@broadstairs Hi, nope, opened a spreadsheet via soffice and libreoffice --calc spreadsheet.ods and no output seen when exiting, I’m on GNOME though…

Calc exits OK here on both an existing and newly created spreadsheet.


Version: / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 40(Build:2)
CPU threads: 8; OS: Linux 6.0; UI render: default; VCL: kf5 (cairo+xcb)
Locale: en-GB (en_GB.UTF-8); UI: en-GB
Calc: threaded

Operating System: openSUSE Tumbleweed 20221209
KDE Plasma Version: 5.26.4
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.100.0
Qt Version: 5.15.7

Note though, TW is not fully up to date, been rather lax of late.

I do not see the error on a new spreadsheet but it happens everytime on exiting an existing one which is a UK based finance sheet but only on exit. Maybe something to do with the format of it or formulae on it?


Most likely I would think. I’m guessing the spreadsheet was originally created with an application other than LO Calc, I have seen odd problems in the past with non-native spreadsheets.

I was created from a copy of an earlier one. I create a new one each financial year by duplicating the previous one and changing it where needed. I have copies going back to 2009. I’ll see if any of the old ones crash and if not see what the differences are. I think the oldest may have been created in OpenOffice rather than LO.


Done some more testing and it seems so far that if I use the File/Exit option it exits cleanly but if I just hit the X close button it does not!


Just tested again, this time with an up to date TW 20221215

Still unable to replicate your problem, both new and existing spreadsheets exit cleanly using the close button, File-Exit, or Ctrl-Q

You could report a bug over at: although it is likely they may require one of the spreadsheets that trigger the problem… and spreadsheets more often than not are confidential.

I had the same issue with an old spreadsheet. Despite the error message on exiting it did save the changes that I had made.

Just updated my system to the next snapshot (16/12/2022) - which updated libreoffice (to and the issue would appear to have been resolved.issue

Well I just tested the failing sheet again and it seems to be sorted, at least no crash. My fully updated TW shows!


I just caught up with the latest update for TW which did not appear this morning when I ran the zypper dup. So now I have but the problem just happened again! It does not corrupt the sheet though which has already been saved so it’s an annoyance not a huge issue!