LibreOffice can't open DBF from smb/cifs in opensuse 11.4

OpenSuse 11.4 make’s surprice for me!
LibreOffice any versions and Infra Resource OpenOffice can not open any DBF files from smb/cifs shares. At the same time he can write DBF to smb/cifs normally, but after saving it he can’t open it!
Any other documents - no problem! odt, xls - any! but not DBF… :frowning:
And this problem is only on OpenSUSE 11.4 and only in Libre/Open Office! Any other programms can open and write DBF files to smb/cifs shares.

I post this bug here:

please, post your answers to this report too!

Help me, please! It’s very need for me!

nobody want’s to (help to) fix this bug???

You have found a bug; you have posted a bug report. You have done all that is necessary. What more do you want?

What do i want? mm… I want a car, personal island, helicopter, and more and more things… but some things I want to be really - like an this bug fixed :slight_smile:
P.S.: I think this is an openSUSE bug only, so lot more I wait an answer from this forum, not from bug collector for all distributives - in other distributives it works correct, but not in openSUSE 11.4

Thanks for the explanation; however, it will be the same team that deals with it whatever the distribution because it is specific to particular software and most of them are too busy improving the software to hang out on these forums.