LibreOffice Calc for open SUSE 13.2?

I’ve updated from open SUSE 12.3 to 13.2 and was surprised to discover that LibreOffice Calc is not available from its repository. How do I obtain it for 13.2?

hi johnbh,

for 13.2, depending upon which flavour is your choice, its to be found in
one of the following

but …
normally if libreoffice is installed it should pull-in the whole suite,
about 50 packages, which includes calc

suggest a forced re-install of libreoffice



do you get any output from command

sudo ls -alR /usr/share/* | grep libreoffice4.*-calc


sudo ls -alR /usr/share/* | grep libreoffice4.*-spreadsheet

LibreOffice Calc is included in the distribution.
Install the package libreoffice-calc with YaST or zypper.
No additional repos needed.

What repository do you mean exactly with “its repository”?