Libreoffice calc copy-paste behavior

I have LO from the OSS repo installed.
Leap 15.1 from the KF5 repos.

I find that copy and paste using the ‘right click’ on mouse method does not work on an existing sheet,
but Edit-copy then Edit-paste to a new cell from the menu bar does.

Neither method seems to populate the system clipboard.

I don’t see any chat on this topic using search, am I alone on this?

Sorry, I am not quite sure what you mean; right click on mouse displays a dropdown menu. I have opened a ten year old spreadsheet and copying and pasting using right click work fine. Both populated my clipboard.

Sorry, I am not quite sure what you mean; right click on mouse displays a dropdown menu.

Your comment accurately describes my issue here, John.

Using the right click-copy method, then paste into a blank cell, does not paste what I copied
But using (from the menu bar up top) Edit-copy does make a copy of the cell contents that can then be pasted.

I did a bit more testing - it appears that on both old and fresh new sheets, the right-click-then-copy method
does copy text value in a cell, but does not copy numeric value in a cell.
The menu bar method copies both text and numeric cell contents.

This feels like a LO Calc issue, as right click-copy works fine in other routine application (dolphin, browsers, etc.)
and also works OK in LO Writer

Are you running LO ?

I upgraded to 15.1 a couple weeks ago, can’t say for sure this came with the upgrade or not.
I am not a daily LO spreadsheet user.

Yes I am using and I cannot replicate what you are experiencing. I wonder if it is worth checking System Settings>Input devices>Mouse or Touchpad to see if there is anything there which might explain this.

This is a standard desktop with wired mouse, nothin’ fancy and not much in System settings to look at.

You run standard OSS or KF5?
KDE/Plasma or GNOME?

So I tried my Laptop, which should be identical to my desktop, software wise, and
right click-copy then past does work there for numbers and text.

However, just like my desktop, I see nothing in the system clipboard coming from LibreOffice…?

Still digging

Thanks for your ideas

Last time (awhile back) when I was a heavy KDE/Plasma user,
There was an applet in the panel that displays the contents of the clipboard.
If it still exists (used to be installed by default, maybe today you have to install) to view the contents of your clipboard.

From a general coding perspective and not specific to this situation,
I can imagine a simple mistake that happens often enough and might cause such a problem… If the content isn’t enclosed in double-quotes in the code, some strings like numbers might be interpreted as values rather than as text strings like regular alphabet.

It’s a fairly common type mistake that someone can verify…
If you think the problem is reproducible, you should submit an issue to


Thanks Tsu for thoughts.

I had the occasion over weekend to build a fresh new 15.1 laptop, running from the standard repos (not KF5)
Same version of libreoffice there.
It works fine, copy paste and Clipboard monitor.

So I don’t think it is Libreoffice, rather something in my desktop QT5 perhaps, not sure.

I’ll keep digging