LibreOffice and opening/saving files in cloud (Google Drive/OneDrive integration).

Hello guys!

As I was reading through release notes of today’s release of LibreOffice 5.2 one option seemed interesting to me - Opening/Saving files in cloud. What’s more, I read the release notes for the previous version and theoretically the option was introduced in 5.1. I was surprised, as I didn’t see any option to use these services, so I’ve tried to try it once again, without luck (it’s not even listed under Save to remote server > Add service menu, the first one I have there is Alfresco 4/5). It seems that LibreOffice on OpenSUSE is (compiled?) without this option (flag?). Here is my setup:

Tumbleweed (20160728)
KDE Plasma 5.7.0
KDE Frameworks 5.24.0
Qt 5.6.1

Is there any way to get this option active? Should I report it as a bug?

Thanks guys!

FYI I have the upstream LO as a test install on Leap 42.1 (and 42.2 Alpha as well) and can confirm that GoogleDrive is available both as “Open remote file” and “Save to remote server”, so it seems definitely an OpenSUSE packaging choice.
Maybe patents or non OSS licenses are involved?

I am not on openSUSE at the moment but from my Laptop I have just verified that this is a feature now. You need to open the Libreoffice application (not writer etc) and select the second item on the left hand menu (remote files) to set it up. I haven’t done so myself yet but it is there. The version on my Lubuntu laptop is 5.14 so it should be in the same place in Fresh.

BTW thanks for this as it was a feature I wasn’t aware of until I dug around.

@OrsoBruno Yeah, can be. :frowning:

Unfortunately, it’s not there. My Remote Files menu looks like this:

As you can see, no option to add Google Drive.

Thanks guys!

Yes you are right! I wonder if it is available in Leap? I don’t have that installed so I can’t check. I know Tumbleweed doesn’t ship with all apps so maybe this function is one of those. Perhaps due to incompatibilities. It would be interesting to know if this used to work in Tumbleweed and is a regression. Unfortunately I’m new to Tumbleweed at the moment and I hadn’t realised this feature even exited before I read your post. Perhaps someone else? If not you could raise it as a bug. Like I said it is there in Lubuntu 15.04… and it would be nice to have here also.

Sorry OrsoBruno I only just read your post… Shame on me!!