LibreOffice is resource hog of Radeon R7 370

I have noticed annoying issue, which also affects productivity when using LibreOffice applications. When hovering over any LibreOffice toolbar icons, icons disappear for a moment and are then redrawn. I also noticed that when working with LibreOffice my graphics card heats up and becomes noisy :frowning:

I ran aside of LibreOiffice radeontop to see, what’s going on. At worst times when hovering mouse over LibreOffice icons on toolbar, radeontop shows graphics pipe utilization typically aroung 35 % and peaking up to 40 %. Almost all other GPU reusources are used in similar manner. X server takes about 80 % of single CPU core power during hovering test. Normally it takes just a few percent of CPU.

I am running LibreOffice installed from Main Update Repository. My machine has an 8 core AMD processor running at 4 GHz. My GPU is Radeon R7 370, 4 GB, (with the open Radeon driver). I have UHD display with 187 dpi resolution. I have also given a try to AMD’s Radeon driver (version 15.30) from OpenSUSE repo, but its performance was even worse that that of open Radeon driver. So I restored the open radeon driver.

Is this an issue with LibreOffice or Radeon driver or both or something else? Would upgrading to Leap 42.1 likely to help?

Which desktop?

IF KDE then check settings in Configure Desktop - Desktop Effects -Advanced Are you using openGL or Xrender??