LibreOffice 4.2.x in Tumbleweed?

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Why there still isn’t LibreOffice 4.2 in the Tumbleweed repositories?

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Me too having same doubt - it’s not even in unstable repos! :frowning:

Please be a bit more patient. When having a look at the libreoffice webpage, 4.1.5 is still the stable version. The 4.2.2. version has just recently been released, now the packagers are building Factory packages. When they have stabilized the packages they will appear in the regular libreoffice repos.
If you must/insist: but mind, these are considered unstable, in case of trouble or data loss you’re on your own. Up to you whether the version number raise is worth that risk.

'LibreOffice is available in the following stable versions:

And the release notes state this:

LibreOffice 4.2.2

This is the third release from the 4.2 branch of LibreOffice which contains new features and program enhancements.
It is the first bugfix release, and remains targeted for early adopters and private power users–for conservative requirements, we refer you to LibreOffice 4.1.5 from the previous series.

LibreOffice 4.1.5

This is the sixth release from the 4.1 branch of LibreOffice.
It is the fifth bugfix release in the LibreOffice 4.1.x line which contains a more stable feature set, and is suitable for all users.

Anyway, I guess the main reason why LO 4.2 is not yet in LibreOffice:STABLE (and won’t be for some time), is that this repo is used for preparing online updates for the current openSUSE version. That’s 13.1 at the moment which shipped with, and it is openSUSE’s policy to only provide bugfix updates, not new feature releases.

The LibreOffice for the next openSUSE version is prepared in LibreOffice:Factory (as already mentioned), and this does contain LO 4.2.2 and is even available for Tumbleweed.

Yes, but Tumbleweed’s own repo is supposed to provide the author’s latest stable version, and as said 4.2.2 doesn’t appear to fit that purpose yet, although being in Factory is a prerequisite step on the way. I suspect /Factory/openSUSE_Tumbleweed repo is just the Tumbleweed maintainer’s testing base, and not recommended for use here.

I don’t think that’s a specific testing repo for the Tumbleweed maintainer(s).
That’s just the standard development repo for Factory, and is built for Tumbleweed as well just like it is for 13.1 f.e.

The packages in openSUSE:Tumbleweed:Libreoffice link to LibreOffice:STABLE (that’s why they still are at 4.1.x), just like the KDE packages in Tumbleweed link to KDE:Release:412 and NOT [noparse]KDE:Distro:Factory[/noparse] or even KDE:Unstable.
Tumbleweed’s intention is to provide a relatively stable experience. Otherwise you could just use Factory instead. :wink:
Maybe the links will be changed at one point when LO 4.2 is deemed to be completely stable, I don’t know the exact plans there of course.
But when Tumbleweed switches to 13.2 as base (in November according to the current plans), it will have 4.2 anyway… :wink:

But if you do want to have LO 4.2 on Tumbleweed, nothing prevents you from using LibreOffice:Factory for now. It is available for those who want to use it.

adding the libreoffice repo can handle this?

Handle what? Updating LO to 4.2?
If you’re on Tumbleweed and want to have LO 4.2, add that repo:

The next “zypper dup” should upgrade LO to 4.2 then.

There’s no guarantee that it works though, it did when I last tried it a week ago (on 13.1).

Be aware that there might be an issue when using the GNOME integration on KDE:
Opening any file dialog crashed when using gtk2-theme-oxygen. KDE:Extra already contains a fix for that, but AFAIK that’s not yet in Tumbleweed or 13.1:Update.

  • Install gtk2-theme-oxygen from KDE:Extra
  • Enable the use of LibreOffice’s own dialogs in the Settings (“General”)
  • Use the KDE integration, i.e. install libreoffice-kde4 and uninstall ibus as that forces LO to use the GNOME integration even on KDE
  • Use another Gtk2 theme

I’m not sure whether that issue exists in LO 4.1 as well, I only saw it after upgrading to 4.2, but that could be coincidence. As I said, that’s not a bug in LO, but in gtk2-theme-oxygen.

better I stick with normal tumbleweed repos without adding LO repo then :slight_smile:

I didn’t want to scare you, or persuade you to not use the Factory repo. I think that crash also happens with LO 4.1 anyway, just wanted to mention it and some workarounds here.

With the KDE4 integration I haven’t seen any issue.

If you do have an issue with the Factory version (4.2) at any point, just disable or remove the repo again and run “zypper dup”… :wink:

Then probably just a convenient source for building the maintainer’s own testing repo.

Tumbleweed’s intention is to provide a relatively stable experience. Otherwise you could just use Factory instead. :wink:
But if you do want to have LO 4.2 on Tumbleweed, nothing prevents you from using LibreOffice:Factory for now. It is available for those who want to use it.

This sub-forum wasn’t set up to discuss Factory or attaching Factory repos. It may be confusing some that Tumbleweed is discussed on the Factory mailing list, as it doesn’t have its own list. What prevents users from using LO 4.2 or anything else from Factory now is whether or not they want to disrupt Tumbleweed’s good stability on a daily basis.

There is always the Pre-release sub-forum for chatting about LO 4.2 or any other factory sourced application, if one is that desperate. :smiley:

Well, this was not about Factory, but about LibreOffice:Factory… :wink:

And since that repo is available for Tumbleweed as well, I don’t think it’s completely off-topic here.

Not much different than discussing the use of the Packman-Tumbleweed repo anyway, I’d say.

It’s a repo for use in Factory, whatever…

I didn’t say “off-topic”. It’s a question of degree. In fact an OP might be posting because of a system wrecked by conflicting repos or the attachment of Factory repos. I just prefer the “prevention is better than cure” approach to advice, “less is more” for repos wrt stability, and avoiding mixed messages, when it comes to nurturing a relatively new offering.

Tumbleweed used to be regarded as only fit for a testing system. I think it has proved itself to be more than that re stability, within the project’s “supported” repo configuration with packman being the “special case” add-on. I get the impression there are now a few more new openSUSE users attracted to it by rolling updates with good reliability.

sorry, I didn’t reply yesterday because I was on a windoze machine and I couldn’t try LO

I’m not scared at all, I was using T for months after installing 12.3 and LO repo was enabled, this on diffrent machines, all NB, but only for surfing and not mach more but this winter I was using 13.1 on a old asus 17" with ati (driver radeon) and this brought me the decision to use openSUSE as my main OS after more than three years of OS X

now I use T on my machine with T repos and pacman, LO does not crash on opening a file, but what scare me is the huge amount of updates

I’m abroad three or four months a year in countries where the connection is quite bad, in fact I’ve to decide if it is worthy keeping T or installing a fresh 13.1 before leaving…

LO Writer will be the main program for my activity on this machine abroad, so better avoid the risk and big updates or downgrades :slight_smile: