LibreOffice cant open ods anymore


after some days (havent used ODS, but ODT files) I noticed that LO seems to be broken: When trying to open a small ods file the system load goes up to 100% and LO has to be killed. As stated, ODT work perfectly. Tried this on different PC with oS 13.1, fully patched.

May one of the latest updates have caused this problem?


ray@giulia:~> rpm -q libreoffice


I have just opened a small .ods without problems. Created in May 2005 last modified October 2013. It is 49KiB and contains 13 sheets of annual bank statements.

Yes, I’m using the same version, and it seem to affect just one file type of files - the one where I keep track about financials >:)
I did editing last monday…and it works on a Libreoffice 4.2 on a Windows machine. strange. probably a one-off problem.
Thanks for looking at it anyway!