LibreOffice 3 Causing Display corruption - ?

I have 11.4 with kde 4.6, all up to date via YAST.
Radeon driver, legacy ATI display hardware.
LibreOffice is latest from the Stable:11.4 repo.

When I open LO, it causes the desktop to break up - diagonal stripes of blocks, and garbage (offset blocks) form all mouse movements from there until kdm restarted.

I restart by switching to F1 console, init 3, the init 5 as root.
I can’t seem to find any useful messages or logs.


I would recommend checking /var/log/Xorg.0.log.

Another area to check out is:

  • Configure Desktop → Desktop Effects → Advanced tab → General Options → Scale Method

Change your settings From “Accurate” to “Smooth” or even “Crisp”.



Thanks for the suggestions.

Xorg.0.log looked OK.

Much to my surprise, when I went to personal settings-Desktop effects I found them Disabled. May have been done automatically by the system, I usually have them enabled. I have been using the system 7x24 for a few days doing some database work, perhaps the system sensed an overload condition and automatically disabled them.
I don’t use LibreOffice all that much, so can’t say how long I have been in this state.

Anyway, re-enabling Desktop Effects, with Advanced setting set to Accurate, Libre Office opens just fine.

I am a bit perplexed, as I have seen several references to Desktop Effects causing problems; this case is just the opposite.

But, for now, I’m good to go!