libreoffice 3.4.2 can't print C5 envelopes in landscape


I have LibreOffice 3.4.2 running on Opensuse 11.3 (32 bit). I recently upgraded
from LibreOffice 3.3.

Now I can’t print C5 envelopes in landscape. I select Format->Page and then
change the size to C5 envelope and Orientation landscape. The printer is
correctly set up (it always worked fine in the previous version of LibreOffice).
The Printer Settings language is Postscript.

The Print Preview is correct - it shows the C5 envelope with the address printed
on it in landscape, but when I print, it ALWAYS prints portrait. I have tried
changing all the options between portrait and landscape just to check but it
still ALWAYS prints portrait.

My printer is an HP PSC 2179.

Like I said the previous version of LibreOffice worked fine. Does anyone know
how to fix this problem?


I have posted this on LibreOffice forum too.

I also encountered this bug in 3.4.2; if you open File>Printer settings>Properties, you will find that the envelope is detected as Portrait rather than Landscape even though in Format>Page it is set as Landscape. Change the printer setting to Landscape and Save and it should work.

I tried that John and it made no difference for some reason, but when I changed Printer language type under File->Printer Settings->Properties->Device from PDF (the default) to Postscript it worked. I don’t quite understand why the default is set to PDF nor why changing it made it work but either way I’m happy!!

Thanks for the ideas here. I have used them to correct printing DL envelopes on an Epson SX215 which printed perfectly well using Libreoffice 3.3. I also needed to recreate the envelope in 3.4.2 to get it to work.

I think this was a general problem with envelope printing on Libre Office 3.4.2. I am using Canon IP 4850 with Canon Driver series iP4800 version 3.40.
After changing the entry in Proprties of printer > Device > Printerlanguage from PDF to Postscript (Level of Driver) the envelope
printing works fine. Any possibility to change the new entry to default?

Thanks EK