libreoffice 3.3

It seems that libreoffice 3.3 is out :slight_smile:
does suse has (or will have) it in oss repo or packman or I have to add a repo??
can libreoffice be installed alongside openoffice??

there’s an unstable libreoffce repo that contains Search Results

I would think it would be best to uninstall openoffice, but not sure - if you google there was announcement somewhere about this, maybe on planet suse

duplicate of previous post

ATM LibreOffice cannot be installed alongside OO.o, one of the deps is the removal of (most of) OO.o

The latest LibreOffice packages are in the LibreOffice:UNSTABLE repo.

full url of repo is,

latest version today is

if you want the dictionary function to work in libreoffice – do not delete the associated language files of openoffice

So LibreOffice is compatible with OpenOffice spellcheckers?

I am particularly interested in installing OpenOffice *.oxt file with spellcheck (for Estonian language) in LibreOffice. Will it work? Any hints?

Hey someone…now that LibreOffice 3.3 is STABLE, when do they expect to have the STABLE branch of the repository set up? I want to move
from UNSTABLE to STABLE as soon as possible, but as of now, it’s still not built yet. Thanks.

Don’t you think that now ought to be created a “stable” repo for libreoffice?? where to insert the stables versions, reading the libo plan they has a 2-4 weeks release time, so the unstable would be hurry updated :slight_smile:

LibreOffice has only been in development for a few weeks. The first stable release only came out on Tuesday, so there will be a stable repo soon.

I think it will work.
I changed openoffice with libreoffice some weeks ago, and everything (extensions included) works.
Only thing is that openoffice works with ~/.ooo3 and libreoffice with ~/.libreoffice
Just move to the new directory what you need. Or install again in libreoffice the extensions you want to keep.

Good news :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I switched to LibreOffice from OOO a few weeks ago and haven’t had any problems.

Thanks for the answer.

I’ll give it a try too (probably starting from scratch), when I have time, and then report here.

I installed the most recent release of Libreoffice 3.3 according to the instructions on the Libreoffice website and I have a working copy of Openoffice as well as Libreoffice.

Still looking for the Stable branch in the repo…my thinking is that they will move the stable rpms to a “stable” tree once a new beta comes out (very soon)
for 3.3.1, which will be released on Feb. 14th…but I wish that they could move that NOW so that I can set up my repos and not worry about using
pre-release software anymore…

So, team…will you do that? Also, recommend putting LibreOffice in the “community” repos when YAST looks up those for users, since OpenOffice is now


The stable repo is there already but not yet populated. I guess within a few days it will be delivering us packages for several openSUSE versions.
I’ve already added the repo through YaST, i’ll see when it gets populated.

The Stable branch is now in the repo, however it’s empty as of yet…I would suspect that by tomorrow it will be populated…I already
changed YAST…

A stable repo has now been set up - nothing in it yet but am sure in a day or two it will be populated.

Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but has anyone had problems with no being able to type in Libreoffice? I’ve uninstalled OO.o and reinstalled LibreOffice several times, but still can not get any keyboard buttons to work in Libreoffice.

Yes! Exactly my problem with LibreOffice from openSUSE repository! It just ignores everything you type and you end up with an empty page.

Interestingly, this happened several times in OpenOffice (several times it just suddenly stopped getting any signals from the keyboard, including keyboard shortcuts). But closing (using a mouse) OpenOffice and then opening the same document without any changes again “fixed” the problem. This trick does not work with LibreOffice from openSUSE repository, which make it pretty useless (not to mention you you have to remove OpenOffice if you install it).

I thought this was some rare glitch in my system, but it seems to be a bug. Opening a bug report is a good idea I guess, but I cannot do it at the moment, since I reinstalled OpenOffice and remove LibreOffice from openSUSE repository, so won’t be able to supply any information.

In the meantime, if you do want to use LibreOffice now and don’t want to remove OpenOffice, go for LibreOffice from the Document Foundation version:
LibreOffice Productivity Suite Download � LibreOffice
It is quite easy to install: just unpack the archive and install RPMs.

Note: Version from the Document Foundation crashes in KDE, if you set style to qtcurve, which is actually QtCurve, Plastik and several other themes. The not-so-ugly alternative theme, which does not cause crash is Keramik.

Note 2: for some reason Document Foundation version uses styles from KDE 3, so to change it you need to:

  • edit some kde 3 configuration file (I don’t know which)
  • use KDE 3 Kcontrol (KDE Control Center, which is component of KDE 3)
    If you have KDE 3 installed I think you should have it too - it is in kdebase3 package in KDE 3 repository)

So here you have two different bugs in both versions. I think I should report them, but my time is up for now and I don’t know when I get back to this. If you report any of these bugs, please post a link here.