LibreOffice 3.3.3 and .doc


I have a problem with LibreOffice (from the libreoffice stable repository) and some (not all!) .doc files. When opening some .doc files LibreOffices starts and directly closes >:(. The same problem occurs (for the same files) with LibreOffice from the unstable repository.

When I go back to the LibreOffice version (3.3.1) shiped with 11.4 everything works fine.
Hence, if you have problems with some .doc files downgrade to 3.3.1.


Never had the problem - I open .doc files with 3.3.3 several times a week- but it may be a solution for those who do.


You can try to run libreoffice from the terminal… calling “libreoffice” or the writer (that I dont remember the name)

Then try to reproduce de error, and you will see in the terminal some error message detailing whats wrong…


the problem occured only with some doc files attached to emails (I’am using Kmail). Also when I’am saving these doc files and start it later with LibreOffice it directly closes. Now, I’am using the older LibreOffice version and everything is fine. I will try the new version again in the next days (and also try to start libreoffice from the console).


Also when I’am saving these doc files

you saved them in MS proprietary format ? not good

i have made it a habit to NEVER resave MS documents in a MS format
formatting and fonts get lost - it makes a real mess out of the files
save them as .odt" or “.sxw”

though i your case i would guess that some MS patented font is to blame here

start OO ( i use LO ) from the terminal

cd /location/of/the/doc/in/question
libreoffice -writer FileName.doc  

and read the error


I don’t want to save something in the .doc format ;-). But some cooperationspartners :-(.
The problem is gone with LibreOffice 3.4.2. from the unstable repository.