libreoffice impress cannot open some ppt files


I received some M$ Power Points files and cannot open then.
One file was from Power Points 2010, and another saved with the option
2000-2010. These were rejected by Impress with the failure report “Version
Incompatibility. Incorrect file version”.

When a file was saved with the option Power Point 95, Impress tried to open it
but when RAM useable ramped up to > 1GB, Impress automatically shut down.

The only other information wrt the files is that its highly likely they contain
graphics generated with M$Visio.

Has anyone had similar experiences?
Are there any work arounds?

Any info would be appreciated.



PC: | ASROCK A780GM-LE | 4GB RAM | AMD Phenom™ II X4 940 |
----| Linux x86_64 | openSUSE 11.4 RC1 (x86_64) + factory |
----| KDE 4.6.00 (4.6.0) “release 395” |
----| ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics (radeon driver)|

never had an issue like that
normaly the formating will be off

Do these files open in MS Office 2010 on Windows 7
that is are they corrupt ?

Hi JohnVV,

Thanks for your reply.

Some history, wrt the main file tested,
-file opened ok on win7 machine with office2000 installed and with office2007 and then 2010 file translator installed,
–but file refused to print on that machine and after changes to contents could not be read by the sender,
—after saving file in office95 format it could be printed and also read by sender


with so many conversions it is no wonder the file dose not open
to the 2000 format then to the 2007 format then to the 2010 format then back to 1995 's format

Hi JohnVV,

No file was ever overwritten.

One original file was updated, amended (via m$win7/office2000) and returned to the customer.
This file could not be read by the customer again using m$win7/office.

The file was then exported from m$win7/office selecting m$office/2000-2010 compatibility, and saved under another name.
The file was again exported from m$win7/office selecting Office/95 compatibility, and again saved under another name.
One of these file was useable by the customer but I do no know which one.

As stated before, none of the three files generated could be opened with libreoffice/impress.


One thought: do all the computers have the same language packs? I received a book some time ago where different chapters had originally been written on computers with different MS Office language packs and the file I received was a complete mess. It wouldn’t open in en-UK Word but, because it was a Word file I was able to export it as RTF from OpenOffice and then tidy it up. Obviously you don’t have that option with a presentation.

Hi john_hudson,

Its a good thought. The originator uses German m$PowerPoint.

We originally tried it on a 64bit m$ German install.
Then transferred it to a 32bit m$ us-English install without any noticeable change.
Reading ppt files on machines with m$ installs is not the point being made though.

Its just that openoffice and libreoffice state compatibility with m$office files.
With these particular files it appears not to be the case. Why? How do I find out?


It may be worth reporting this as a bug to LibreOffice; it was clear from the Word file I received that there were subtle differences in the way Word files were saved in different language versions which created conflicts. It is possible that the LibreOffice 2007 filters, which were originally developed by Novell, were developed with a particular language pack and there are subtle differences between .ppt files in different language versions.