Libre Office repository seems to have disappeared


I’m using SuSE 13.2 (64 bit) and KDE 4.14.9 and noticed a few days ago that the Libre Office repository seems to have disappeared. At least when I try to update my SuSE I get an error message telling me that the Libre Office repo can’t be found.

This is where I’ve been going successfully until recently:

Has the repository moved or is it just out of service at the moment?


This repo does not exist any more.
And you don’t need it anyway:
The latest LibreOffice is available in the standard update repo for 13.2.

There are other repos for 4.4 and 5.0 though.

Oh, thanks very much for this information. I am using so I guess all is well. :slight_smile:

Do you know if a new repository is in the works?


For what?

The 4.3 repo has been dropped for good as 4.4 is considered stable since quite some time and 5.0 has been released already too (and as mentioned, is available as update for 13.2 anyway).
A new one will not be created. Why should it have been dropped in the first place then?

A 4.4 repo with the latest 4.4.x.y does exist for some time already, a 5.0 repo has been created recently too, and then there’s also “Factory” which always includes the latest version ( for submission to Factory/Tumbleweed (but is built for normal openSUSE releases too).
The last one is probably not really to be considered as really “stable” though.

If you want to use those other repos, just replace the “4.3” in your URL with “4.4”, “5.0”, or “Factory” accordingly.
See also LibreOffice - openSUSE Wiki.

Oh, so new repos ARE available then to replace 4.3? I would not have known other than your message here about 4.4 and 5.0. Thank you.

Yes, that’s how it is handled nowadays.

There (probably) will be a 5.1 repo at some time in the future, and at some point the 4.4 repo will be removed when 5.0.x is considered “stable enough” (and when 4.4 is not maintained upstream any more for a while).

Factory always follows the latest version, even if not always considered stable yet.