Libre Office lost it's kde integration after 20171022 snapshot?

An update:
LibreOffice 6 (RC1) is in Tumbleweed now, and libreoffice-kde4 is back.

It has been decided to completely disable the Qt5 integration again for now, apparently it’s still too broken.

Yes, been using it for the last couple of days :slight_smile:

… but … oddity of the day …

for some reason when using libreoffice-kde4 there are visual artefacts when resizing windows using the right or bottom borders, top and left don’t exhibit the effect.

Screenshot showing the effect when resized by dragging right border.

Seeing this happen with two existing users, one using QtCurve and one Oxygen widget style. Also happens with a new default (Breeze) user.

Doesn’t happen with native libreoffice or with libreoffice-gtk3…

Things Happen … I’m not too bothered about it.

I had been hoping that this might have allowed the scroll bars and scroll buttons to start working again but no I still cannot use the mouse to grab a scroll bar and move it, scroll wheel works OK though. Using the V6 on TW. Have I made a wrong assumption?


Scroll bars and buttons working OK here.

Build ID: 00m0(Build:1)

from the OSS TW repo.

Edit: for QtCurve and Oxygen. New Breeze user: scroll bars OK, breeze doesn’t seem to have any scroll buttons, is that right?

Yes, they are disabled for Breeze by default since a while (about a year?), but you can enable them in the style’s settings.

You may have to uninstall libreoffice-gnome and/or ibus manually.

AFAIK, ibus will force LibreOffice to use the GNOME integration regardless of the desktop. At least that was the case in the past.

OK so removing libreoffice-gnome which also removes GTK3 stuff for libreoffice has got my scroll bars working again. Only thing I’d like to see back is the ability to use Oxygen icons which do not show in the list but that’s no big deal.


They have been removed upstream (in 5.4 already).
See the package changelog:

Wed Jun  7 08:39:03 UTC 2017 -
- Version update to
   * Ton of fixes over beta1
   * Oxygen theme is gone

And the upstream 5.4 release notes:

Feature removal / deprecation


  • Interface to Telepathy Tubes was removed
  • Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE) integration is deprecated and will be removed in the next release
  • Oxygen icon theme is no longer bundled by default
  • The Linux Quickstarter is deprecated and will be removed in the next release


  • The Web wizard (which exports a set of documents as html with an index and some styles from the last century) has been removed. Note that this doesn’t affect the HTML export. tdf#99967 (Samuel Mehrbrodt, CIB)


  • PlaceWare export filter was removed

…and the developers/users views

You do eventually become accustomed to the breeze icons… Still prefer Oxygen though, sadly they are no more, I expect they’ll also get dropped completely from KDE at some point in the future :frowning:

Yes I had read that before. Sad really since in my view Breeze is a pile of ****, hate it worse than Adwaita. Although I can understand if it is incomplete and no one is supporting it… Perhaps they need to come up with a new Icon theme which is good design which is something in my view Breeze cannot be described as!


here is another oxygen icon user :X and as you and tannington have the same opinion on breeze, but, sadly in your link I red :
“…Oxygen was dropped as incomplete and unsupported for lack of dev maintenance…” and it is a sad surprise for me
“…as I’m the maintainer of the origin oxygen kde icons, the icon theme is DEAD since 8 years…”
“…But such use is unsupported by the project and going forward suitability of Oxygen will continue to degrade…”
and I suppose that to have a non maintained icon theme and breeze is better breeze…
…it seems that opensuse luckily and wisely and gently continue to offer oxygen and
could be a solution…

And have you actually tried that?
That blogspot is from half a year ago when LO 5.4 was brand new, the icon theme was incomplete back then already and meanwhile we have LO 6.0.
I haven’t tried it myself (I’m using Leap 42.3 which has LO 5.3 where Oxygen still exists), but I wouldn’t blindly believe that’s a great solution…

Btw, openSUSE is a community distribution. Anybody can create packages and submit them to the distribution… :wink:

OTOH, that blog post actually describes how to get and install the Oxygen icons on your system without having a distribution package available.
You could just install the libreoffice-icon-theme-oxygen package from e.g. Leap 42.3, would achieve the same I suppose.
Actually the package just contains one .zip file with all the icons anyway… (/usr/share/libreoffice/share/config/ You could probably just extract that from the rpm package (or get it from a Leap installation) and copy it to the appropriate location.

FWIW, I spent those “10 minutes” today and created a libreoffice-icon-theme-oxygen package, based on the icons from LO 5.3.
The package has version 20180303 (today’s date) so that it doesn’t get replaced/removed by the standard libreoffice packages.

It seems to be fine in LO 5.4, but I haven’t tried 6.0…

Or, in case your interested, read here what needs to be done exactly to “install” the icon theme: